Water and purification

Water purifies the body and the spirit

Water and purification, a synonym in religious traditions

Water is present in all religions and in mythology.
In Buddhism we have the Water Festival, Confucianism praises its virtues.
The Christian religion uses it for baptism (immersion in purifying water) and for blessings.
For Christians and Jews, it is the origin of creation, for the Muslims it is the substance with which Allah created man.

The water from the well of Zamzam in Mecca dates back to the time of Abraham.


“Zamzam’s water is a complete meal and a great healer”

“The water of Zamzam is what is meant to drink it”.


Water and spiritual purification thanks to the river Jordan.

We have water in White Light, among these I remember those of the sanctuaries Lourdes, Montichiari, San Damiano and the vibrational ones, the best known Acqua Diamante, water of Palenque, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and of Avalon.

The statue of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida, patron of Brasil, was found in the Paraiba River.

These examples are a small description of how water is always present and is important in religions.

Water and purification

Water and purification are the first step for vibrational meditation.

Not surprisingly, thanks to the powerful instruments of Kaballah, Moses and the Israelites, they could escape the Egyptians, dividing the “water” of the Red Sea.

The 61st Name of God Water (Name above all things)

Kabbalists say that Water (Vav Mem Bet)


Acqua e purificazione

The  heals and rejuvenates in a natural way, it is the Light of God revealed to the world, it purifies the physical and dissolves the impurities of the spirit.

The waters of the world are polluted, but also that of our body, the water dissolves the dirt from the body, the negativity and impurities of the soul.

Sharing meditation also means purifying the waters of the planet.

Vibrational meditation

Choose an environment as quiet as possible, sit in a comfortable position, fix the Name and possibly place the index finger on the name, when you activate the sound you start to inhale when the name is finished, exhale, repeat several times. (we recommend the use of earphones)

When you breathe in, imagine the letters fill your body with Light, when you exhale let the Light penetrate into your whole being.

Kabbalah rules the link between matter and Light, light is a vibration like sound or a word.

Looking at the name, putting your finger on the name and listening to the name means that the vibrations enter the material, our body.

At the end of meditation we will be invaded by limpid Water, crystalline rich in energy and ready to purify the DNA of the soul, because this name contains water.

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