Is our spirituality different from that of others?

Our spirituality and that of other people

Spirituality is a state “Meta” the state beyond the physical that refers to the immaterial, to the spirit.

Spirituality belongs to believers, to religious and even some non-believers have their spirituality, there are people who are apparently more spiritual than others, and then one wonders why there are people more spiritual than others?

Here is a story that gives an exhaustive explanation on the awakening of spirituality.

Can you awaken spirituality in others?

Imagine this

You and other friends went on a trip and rented a house.

After spending the day you went to sleep, the others in their room. 

The next day some have woken up early, others are still sleeping.

Do you think that people who wake up earlier are more advanced than those who are still asleep?

No, they just woke up first.

Perhaps, they woke up earlier because they used to get up early, or because they were rested.

Perhaps because they slept very badly or because their room was very bright.

They are not different to anyone.

Now what would happen if these people went to wake up the others?

They could get irritate you until you get to quarrel because they have not rested the time they needed.

People who are still asleep are not less evolved.

You do not know what happened to them. Maybe they had a hard week. They could have gone to bed much later, unlike those who got up early.

What should made the people who have woken up before?

Continue their day.

Have breakfast, clean the house, plan the day, start organizing what you want to do.

You can think of others and leave breakfast ready and think about what to say to them when they wake up.

When the other wakes up, you have taken care of him, you will feel like friends, you will feel in the right place and you will understand that this journey is a pleasant journey.

The lives of those who woke up later might be a little easier, if those who woke up earlier, have already made the scenario …

This is how I see the awakening of spirituality.

Perhaps you suffer from seeing a world that people around you do not see.

Maybe you want people close to you to live the same thing you live.

Maybe you want them to open up to something bigger.

But they are still asleep.

And if you try to wake them up, you will fight.

Leave these people where they are.

Continue your work without wanting to involve anyone.

Do your part and take care of the house.

Take care of your surroundings and what you can do.

And remember that you are not more evolved than anyone else. We are all in the same game. We only woke up before …

And soon everyone will wake up. Without any exception.

When the sun starts beating hard, the light enters the rooms and there is no way to go on sleeping.

Source Gustavo Tanaka

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