color of the candles

The color of the candles to talk with the Angels

The color of the candles

The choice of the color of the candles is essential when you want to communicate with an Angel.

The candle flame communicates with the Beings of Light.

The Angels are Entities of Light that draw from the candles the wishes and purposes of prayer.

Candles then connect human beings to angels.

The candle, thanks to its color, must correspond to the desire and intentions of what is intended.

Through the candle the Angel captures the desires, the purposes and the flame consequently puts into practice the request.

By visualizing a certain color, the brain automatically causes the aura to reflect it and it is through this that the Angels capture and identify the requests.

The colors of the candles used in Brazil

The colors of the candles

White candle

The white candle represents purity, sincerity and virtues in an absolute sense.

They can attract positive energies.

The white candle is used to talk to angels bringing peace, harmony and balance to the home.

It is used for the purification of the environment before starting a ritual.

Pink candle

The pink candle symbolizes beauty and love.

It is used above all during the rituals that aim to find love, affection.

The color of the pink candle helps to improve the character, to be altruistic and generous.

Talking to the angels is related to loving requests and questions related to the heart.

Red candle

The red candle symbolizes strength and courage. Red is the color of the life force, therefore, the red candle emits positive energies.

It is used to talk to angels in emergency situations that need to be addressed urgently.

Yellow candle

The yellow candle represents joy, enthusiasm and intelligence.

Ensures success, provides positive results in exams and tests, brings luck in finding a job.

It should be used primarily to ask angels to get lucky with academic studies and problems.

Green candle

The green candle symbolizes calm and balance.

In periods of waiting, transition, instability, the green candle can unlock the circumstances by speeding up the resolution of problems.

It should be used when the Angel’s request is related to health and physical well-being.

Blue candle

The blue candle symbolizes truth, prosperity, transparency and tranquility.

The color of the blue candle is used as a means of protection, to remove pain, illness, envy, bad luck, problems.

It is used to talk to the Angels when the request refers to the work.

Purple candle

The purple candle, the last of the visible spectrum of colors, represents spirituality.

The purple candle favors meditation and to stop negativity and in talking to angels when we seek help in spiritual matters and transmutation of feelings.

The purple candle, if it is associated with lavender and amethyst, can open the mind to reach deep knowledge.

Precautions in the use of candles.

The color of the candle attracts the Beings of Light, the Angels, but we must also take into account that there are also other entities of light that can be attracted to the candles.

These entities are the Fallen Angels who have rebelled against God and commanded by Lucifer, so before beginning the prayer it is imperative to purify the environment.

Further reading

This is a book about improving your life through the energy of Candles and the beauty they lend to affirmative thought – healing, helping, and altering your thoughts and their influence.

By selecting the appropriate colour that corresponds to your need or desire, and meditating on the colour affirmation, you’ll create a calming environment that prepares the soul and opens your mind for change.

The use of fire is universal in religious and spiritual practices throughout the world.

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One of the most delightful ways to work with the transformative Element of Fire is through candle magic. Simple, elegant, and highly symbolic, candles make it easy to work with this power in the form of a single, mesmerizing flame.

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