Talk to the angels

To talk to the angels.

How to thank or ask a blessing to an Angel.

To talk to the Angels is normal because, these entities of Light, have the function of acting as a messenger between God and men.

Angels are creatures sent by God to protect and to guarantee the safety of mankind.

These entities can also bring positive influences and guide man on the path of truth and love.

These beings of Light, not visible to our eyes, are responsible, among other things, for directing prayers on the celestial plane and interceding to God.

The Angels are present in all religions and therefore may have different names, such as spirits, protectors, guides, workers of Light.

Invoke the right Angel

In any day, time and place it is possible to invoke an Angel and to approach it because the Angels are always close to the person.

Before speaking with the Angels it is important to know, however, that there are different hierarchies (Christian religion) divided into spheres:

First sphere

Seraphim Cherubim Thrones

Second sphere

Dominations, Virtues, Powers.  .

Third sphere

Principalities, Archangels, Angels.


The third sphere is the one closest to mankind.

Prayers and rituals

Talk to the Angels, in addition to making the request, we must also recite a prayer.

The prayers are many and can be performed as invocations to an Angel.

The ritual to follow can be simple: find a quiet place in such a way that no one can disturb, invoke the Guardian Angel aloud or with thoughts and stay focused while praying.

The most complex ritual is to always find a quiet place, prepare an altar, can fit a table and put a candle on it, a glass with water, an incense and a crystal.

These four principles serve to symbolize the elements of nature – fire, water, air and earth – and, consequently, manifest the strength of God.

The candle must have a color appropriate to prayer and the Angel, which is an entity of Light, captures desires and purposes through the flame.

There are many prayers that can be recited to invoke an Angel.

The Angels listen to our desires, but they know what is best for us, so we must rely on them.

We must therefore let people know what we want, make the request, but at the same time ask for the best of what must happen and rely on.


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