The prayer of the full moon the Segula: remedy or protection

Segula in Hebrew: סגולה, pl. לולות, segulot, “remedy” or “protection”

Segula is a charm or a protective or benevolent ritual in the Kabbalistic and Talmudic tradition.

It is the Upper Force, or the Creator, or the Light, which is within the group, and we can receive corrections only if we study the primary sources together with the group.

Segula (merit), a special tool that can be activated, works in a special way and corrects the mind and feelings.

Particularly with the works of the Kabbalists, it makes it possible to unite a person,

a group and a Creator in one, the “All”

The prayer of full moon

The full moon, according to Jewish belief, is a time of healing.

Shalom Adonai *!

“God, our Divine Father and Creator,

please walk through my house,

take away all my worries,  

my diseases,

please watch and heal my family.


It is a Segulot that makes it possible to unite a person, a group and the Creator into one.

This prayer is very powerful and must be shared, it is not a chain, it must not be sent to 10-100 -1000 people, it must be sent to the whole Universal family.

Sharing is not a chain, sharing in Informational Quantum Medicine follows the rules of the Whole of the Universe, we are the “Everything”.

Share this prayer without asking questions, without breaking the energy of the Whole, ask for healing, for you, your family, your loved ones and for the whole Universe, because you are a part of this.

Invite everyone to make this prayer for the healing of all.

Free yourself from the chains of the ego that block your spiritual growth and prevent you from seeing the Light of Love.

Remember to pray this prayer every time there is a full moon.

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* The Peace of the Lord

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