The Parking Angel

Parking Angel, an example of communication in Metaquantistica Informazionale

Parking Angel is not a fairy tale, what you are reading was broadcast by an Italian radio many years ago.

This transmission spoke of events or stories of Italian people and among the many news stories, the host of the transmission, I interview a woman who claimed to have an Angel with whom she spoke and who always protected her, since she was a child.

The lady said over the years had had several situations in which she had been in contact with her Angel and among many others, the most impressive story that had made her famous.

The fact

The lady tells:

One night I was driving my car in an area of northern Italy where there was a lot of fog.

I drove very carefully, but the fog prevented me from seeing both the roadside and the line that bounded the lane, at a certain point I felt that the right foot, the one on the accelerator, was pushed by a mysterious force downwards and the ‘car suddenly increase the speed.

This sudden increase in speed made me cross an intersection, hear a horn sounding and saw in the rear-view mirror a truck passing on the road I had crossed without stopping at the stop sign.

The story told her that, even this time, “her Guardian Angel had saved her, as she had already done in many other situations, but never as dangerous as this.

The parking angel, the invocation

The journalist did not hide his disbelief, let alone his skepticism; the lady then added:

“I perfectly understand his skepticism, even my husband did not believe me many years ago, today he says I am a very lucky person to have a” guardian angel “that always protects me.

Do you know how many friends did not believe me and how many laughed at me?

Not anymore today, because I have taught them my little secret that I want to say here too on the radio to her and to all the listeners.

We all know how difficult it is to find a parking spot in chaotic cities like Milan, Rome, Naples and so do it when you are looking for a parking space and you do not find it,

then you must say :

“Parking Angel, please, let me find the parking for my car”

Then when you find it you say:

Parking Angel Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!”

“Try and check if it’s not true “

The lady also added:

“Make this request with your heart, do not be skeptical and do “not challenge the Parking Angel”  because, besides not finding it, you will be forced to park in a forbidden place and on your return you may have the unwelcome surprise of finding a penalty”.

This story is an example of communication with one of the plasma entities described in the post Metaquantisica Informazionale. 

Also the Metaphysics of Conny Mendez, with the Principle of Mentalism, teaches us, in turn, another method to find parking for our car.

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