full moon of the harvest

The full moon of the harvest

The ritual of the September full moon

The September Harvest Full Moon, (Harvest Moon) refers to the time of year after the autumn equinox when corn is harvested.

The moon looks particularly bright and grows rapidly, allowing farmers to continue harvesting into the night.

Some Native American tribes call it Barley Moon, because it is time to harvest and thresh ripe barley or corn moon.

The natives of the Ojibwe tribe in the Great Lakes region call it “Falling leaves moon” the moon of falling leaves.

The Haida tribe called it the cedar bark moon (The cedar bark moon).

During the full moon of the harvest full moon is the best time to perform the ritual for purification.


Take two pieces of paper and list everything that comes to mind during the day …

Write on the first sheet:

“I am releasing ALL the emotions and regrets from my Body, Mind and Soul”

Anguish, pain, suffering, disappointment, everything that one could or should have must be written on this list.

Write a word, paragraph, or detailed page.

The things that will appear randomly during your day …. write them down !!

Write even if you don’t want to relive certain emotions.

If you think “I have everything in my head and I don’t need to
write it, it is Wrong !!! Just by writing it, you give permission to release it.

Feelings that you think are unworthy or that create sadness are a life experience of the past, nothing can be changed or relived, so write: I am Free!

On the second page write

“Today I am creating my future”

List everything you want to do, achieve, create, manifest and be!

Everything and anything, because it deserves Everything !!

This is your life!

It is “Your Divine Right” to be made for “Your Heart” !!! You have to feel the sensation of receiving what you want!

You have to act as if it has already happened and open the doors to give permission to let abundance flow.

Don’t worry about feeling guilty about having what others want, it’s just your EGO talking to you!

Have a light and bright feeling! New paths and new dreams will begin to show up when a new space is created.

Now you have to go to an open place and burn the page of delusions, let the smoke bring all that is listed to the Great Spirit or God or Creator as liberation.

Then burn the second page, the hopes and dreams.

Free to be heard, heard and seen by the Creator!

Bury the ashes in the ground, in Mother Earth, with the intention of “planting the seeds for tomorrow and every day after”.

Return to your home and read the Full Moon prayer

N.B. You can copy or take a photo of the creativity page to see what will manifest during the month following the Sturgeon Moon, the next full moon is the Harvest Moon.





Lisa A. Rockwell


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