soul mate

Meet the soul mate

Is it possible to meet the twin soul thanks to meditation?

Who would not want to meet a soul mate?

The soul mate is not only the person we want to exchange our love with, the soul mate can be a loyal partner, a friend, a partner for our business.

How to find this person?

One method may be to use one of the 72 names of God of Kabbalah

The 28th name is Soul Mate, meditation on the 28th name of God can help you find what we seek.

Kabbalah says that when a soul enters the physical dimension, it is divided into two parts, one male and one female.

Through life and spiritual transformation, these tend to rejoin, but speed is given by their spiritual level.

This sequence attracts twin souls even if they are very distant.

The 28th name has a vibrational and energetic codification that is freed in the Universe of “Everything” and information remains in time.



28th Name of God is Soul Mate  Shin Aleph Hey







Vibrational Meditation

How to do vibrational meditation

Choose an environment as quiet as possible and sit in a comfortable position.

Look at the Name, place your finger on the name and listen to the name.

When the audio starts, inhale when the name is finished, exhale, repeat. (we recommend the use of earphones)

This sequence must be done several times in such a way that the vibrations enter the material, your body.

Kabbalah rules the link between matter and Light, light is a vibration like sound or a word.




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