Holy Archangels

Prayer to the Archangels

St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel.

The Holy Archangels present in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic religion are always ready to intercede for us.

Intercessions happen if we ask for them with the heart, sincerely and constantly, so that we can thus obtain their full power when we really need it.

The Archangel is the main angel or the angel of the highest order.

They have the highest hierarchy in the angelic realm, “perfectly surpassing all visible creatures”.

The Catholic Church unified the celebration of its three most famous and powerful archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael on 29 September.

The three Holy Archangels

St. Michael – THE PRINCE OF LIGHT and leader of the Archangels, also known in the Bible as the prince of the celestial militia.

“Michael”, which means “Who as God”, is one of the seven spirits who attend the throne of the Most High, and therefore one of the great princes of heaven and minister of God.

St. Raphael – THE ANGEL OF HEALING, which means “God’s medicine” or “God heals”,

The traveler’s guide was Tobia’s travel companion.

It is he who heals, who eliminates demons, is the guide and protector of adversity.t

St. Gabriel – THE MESSENGER ANGEL, which means “God is strong” or “he who is in the presence of God”.

He is the angel of the incarnation and, perhaps, of the agony in the Garden of Olives.

It is he who announces the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus

Prayer to the holy archangels

Help us,

O our great holy brothers,

we are servants before God.

Defend us from ourselves, from our cowardice and shyness,

from our selfishness and our ambition,

from our envy and mistrust,

from our desire to seek satiety, the good life and esteem.

Untie the chains of sin and attachment to all that passes.

Remove the blindfold from our eyes

so that we don’t need to see the needs of our neighbors,

and then we can take care of ourselves in quiet complacency.

Ignite God’s holy anxiety in our hearts,

so that we cannot stop looking for it with ardor, contrition and love.

Behold in us the Blood of the Lord, which he shed for us.

Contemplate in us the tears of your Queen, which she has shed on us.

Contemplate in us the poor, faded, ruined image of God,

comparing it with the whole image that we should be for his will and for his love.

Help us to know God, worship him, love him and serve him.

Help us fight against the powers of darkness that surround us and plague us traitors.

Help us so that none of us get lost

and that one day we can all be joyfully reunited in eternal bliss.


St. Michael, help us with your holy angels, help us and pray for us.

St. Raphael, help us with your holy angels, help us and pray for us.

St. Gabriel, help us with your holy angels, help us and pray for us.



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