the full Sturgeon moon

Ritual and prayer of the full moon of the month of August, the “Full Sturgeon Moon”

The Full Sturgeon Moon – Native American Indian Ritual.

The Full Sturgeon Moon is the full moon of the month of August, it is called Sturgeon by the Algonquian tribe, American Indians who did not have the Julian calendar and therefore followed the lunar phases.

The full Sturgeon moon  has a name linked to the natural events of that month, such as the presence of animals, blooms and crops.

August is the best time of year to fish the Sturgeon in Lake Champlain and in the Great American Lakes.

The full Sturgeon moon is a highlight is a transition time that brings us to the autumn, a moment to let go and enter the new in style.

The Moon Sturgeon also coincides with the festival of Green Corn, which generally coincides with late summer and is linked to the maturation of corn crops is a religious and celebratory ceremony, which is practiced mainly by the peoples of the eastern forests and the tribes of the south-east, The Creek, Cherokee, Seminole, Yuchi, Iroquois and others.

The ceremony usually lasts three days and there are dances, banquets, fasts, religious observations, cleaning and purification activities, including cleaning the houses, combustion of waste and the consumption of emetics to purify the body.

Corn is not eaten until the Great Spirit has received his due thanks.

Tribal members thank for the wheat, the rain, the sun and a good harvest.

The Green Corn Festivals are still practiced today by many indigenous peoples of Southeast Forest culture.


Take two pieces of paper and list during the day all that comes to mind ……

Write on the first sheet:

“I am releasing ALL Emotions and regrets from my Body, Mind and Soul”

Anguish, pain, suffering, disappointment, everything you could or should have should be written on this list.

Write a word, a paragraph or a detailed page.

The things that will appear by chance during your day …. write them !!

Write even if you do not want to relive certain emotions.

Pebsare “I have everything in my head and I do not need to  write it, it’s wrong !!! Only by writing it, you give permission to release it.

Feelings that you think are unworthy or that create sadness, are a life experience of the past, nothing can be changed or relived, so write: I am Free!


On the second page write

“Today I’m creating my future”

List everything you want to do, realize, create, manifest and be!

Everything and anything, because it deserves Everything !!

This is your life!

It is “Your Divine right” to be made for “Your Heart” !!! You need to feel the feeling of receiving what you want!

We must act as if it had already happened and open the doors to give permission to let the abundance flow.

Do not worry about feeling guilty of having what others want, it’s just your EGO that talks to you!

Have a light and bright feeling! New paths and new dreams will begin to show up when you create a new space.

Now we must go to an open place and burn the page of disappointments, let the smoke bring everything that is listed to the Great Spirit or God or Creator as liberation.

Burn the second page, hopes and dreams.

Free to be heard, heard and seen by the Creator!

Bury the ashes in the ground, in Mother Earth, with the intention of “planting seeds for tomorrow and for every day after”.

Return to your home and read the Prayer of the Full Moon.

N.B. You can copy or take a photo of the creativity page to see what will happen during the month following the Sturgeon Moon, the next full moon is the Wheat Moon.


@DrTraverso     Translation and adaptation



Lisa A. Rockwell

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