The weekend prayer

The prayer of gratitude

A prayer for the week that ends

The prayer of thanks for the week that is ending and for a peaceful weekend.

We don’t always spend positive days, but even if there have been difficult moments, we need to be able to grasp the positive side and understand that everything that has happened to us is a lesson that is needed for our personal growth.

Gratitude is a divine feeling.

We must dedicate the prayer of thanks to God for the week and ask for the blessing for the weekend of rest.

Saturday and Sunday are the days of rest that we spend with our loved ones, with the people we love.

Friday prayer is a prayer that can be said before the prayer for love and protection, a prayer to protect the people you love.

The prayer

“Lord, my God,

I come into your presence at this time to put my life in your hands.

Lord another week ends for me,

another week of work and chores that I have dealt with and so I thank you,

for I know the Lord has sustained me and helped me until now.

Please, Lord, may my Friday be a blessing,

may your presence be with me all day with me

and that I lack the courage and the disposition to face the present.

Let the day be quiet and

pass quickly so that I can get to my house e

enjoy the weekend to come.

I thank you and I praise you, my God.

to be my solid rock and praise you for all you do for me.

May my Friday be happy

and the weekend of rest and fulfillment in Jesus name.

Amen. “

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