Thank you!

Thank you, a magic word

Thank you! A mantra, a prayer of gratitude

Thank you! A magic word, a mantra, which frees the mind from a feeling of well-being and pleasure to our body.

A mantra that becomes a prayer when we repeat it several times to thank someone, outside of us, but who creates gratitude in us.

The power of gratitude in our body is explained by neuroscience.

When we generate the feeling of gratitude we activate the brain reward system, located in an area called “core” of the Nucleus Accumbens, responsible for the sensation of well-being and pleasure of our body.

When the brain identifies something good, a success, things that in our lives deserve recognition and for this we are grateful, there is the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that increases the sensation of pleasure.

By showing gratitude, in everyday life, one can remain on a high level of positive emotions, satisfaction with life, vitality and optimism.

Gratitude stimulates the cerebral pathways for the release of another hormone called oxytocin, which brings tranquility, reduces fear, anxiety, and phobia.


I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you !

Today we live in a world that creates countless opportunities to be involved in a turbulence that produces negative ideas.
The brain, however, is not able to feel gratitude and unhappiness at the same time.
Neurological research says that an attitude of indecision causes a short circuit in the brain.
We need to give interior space with good and decisive energies to make the right choice every day and have gratitude.

Thank you, for the opportunity you give me to be reborn in this new dawn.

Thanks, for a job near my house.

Thank you, for being loved by my husband / wife.

Thank you, for my infinitely perfect health.

Thank you, for the health of my parents

Thank you, for the health of my children

Thank you, for the pure and immense wisdom that dwells in my being.

Thank you, for the abundance you provide to me and my family.

Thank you, for the good friendships that surround me.

Thank you, for the infinite prosperity in my business.

Thank you, for the peace in my house.

Thank you, for the greatness of my feelings.

Thank you, for existing in my life.

Thank you for forgiving me and allowing me to come back to you.

Thank you, thank you very much … For yesterday, today and always present in my life.

Thank you! Guardian angel

Thank you! Heavenly Father

Thank you! Universe

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



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